multicultural week!


2 weeks ago oaklands school had our awesome annual multicultural week where we celebrate all the AMAZING cultures oaklands are proud to have.                                                                                                                                      

so what?

OMG! I found out I have history from norway! on Tuesday we had a shared lunch. to show my british history, I bought in sausage rolls. so did Baxter. Dania bought in some delicious potato patties from pakistan, while Samuel bought Jeon(a kind of omelette from south korea).on wednesday my grandad came in to talk about his life. on thursday dania's mum and samuels mum came in. we got hennas from dania's mum. we also had a special assembly.I learnt about the pagan  tower,a 900 year old church in norway.and I also learnt that the national animal of norway is the elk.

now what?

 we are going to learn more about the cultures in room 24 this term, including healthy snacks.

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