Term 2 moment in time: Power Surge's Wrath

The ride starts off slowly, but soon turns into a whirlwind of terror.

I hear bugs buzz past, like tiny zippers of the sky, blended in with ear piercing yelps of kids, adults and even a few elderly alike, all screaming about the POWER SURGE.

I can see snot flying out of a preschooler’s nose like yellow fire onto the unlucky rider behind him. I also see all of the terrified faces around me.  

I grab on tight to the cold, hard metal railing protecting me from flying away. My head is twirling like a spinning top. I feel the G-forces smash against my face, I can almost FEEL the flesh being ripped off my face. The pain is immense.

I smell vomit, LOTS of it. It nearly makes me throw up as well. I also smell body odour from the fat man sitting next to me.

I taste fresh air, and for a moment I enjoy the view, until I taste spew in my mouth.

I suddenly wonder how long it is until the ride stops, and if I’ll make it off alive…

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